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Why Irvine Is On The Map And Should Be On Your Radar

Choosing the place where you are going to settle down, put up a picket fence or make your forever home is a big decision. Whether you are a newbie or an oldie, a party of 1 or more, hitting a milestone or avoiding a mid-life crisis, Irvine is a hidden gem that will check all of your boxes. Read below to see some of the ways Irvine will win over your heart. After all, home is where the heart is.

1. Clap if you’re happy.

In a recent study by WalletHub, Irvine was ranked the third happiest city amongst 150 of the largest in the U.S. As the old saying goes, happiness is a state-of-mind, and experts recognize that your location is certainly an undeniable influencer. Irvine is just a quick drive or bike ride away from the beach, houses a state-of-the-art new park facility and is a mere hour and a half from the desert or snow–the possibilities for future weekend plans are endless. Not to mention that community involvement and environmentally conscious initiatives are at the forefront of residents’ minds. Su casa es mi casa.

2. Job market is hot.

And we’re talking sizzling. Irvine was named the 10th Best City to Find a Job in 2018 by CNBC. This exciting statistic comes during an era where finding a job can prove to be no easy feat. Irvine has one of the lowest unemployment rates, maintains relatively low work commutes, exhibits high scores for family friendliness and a welcoming dating atmosphere. Touché.

3. Say goodbye to slip and slide.

Orange County’s iconic water park, Wild Rivers is likely to come for round two in May 2019. The Orange County Register recently published news that the city is planning for a 30-acre water park complete with water slides, a water coaster, and a wave pool to attract all ages and stages.

4. School is Cool.

Irvine is home to the 9th best public university in the U.S., the University of California Irvine. While it is well known for its national and international honors and is among the nation’s best hospitals, recently UCI is in the spotlight for a new merit: the most popular choice for Latino applicants. The LA Times recognized the university’s federal recognition for serving Latinos in a recent article.

5. Playin’ it Safe.

Whether you are riding solo, starting a family, or creating your own rendition of the Brady Bunch, a safe community is a top priority for most of us. Niche named Irvine the second safest city to live in America largely based on low crime ratings, great family environment and award-winning public schools. Irvine was also ranked America’s safest city of its size, marking the 12th consecutive year city leaders and citizens alike were awarded for their safety efforts. Millennials, don’t think we forgot about you–nightlife was high on the list and outdoor activities were ranked the 4th best in America.

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